Slap Fight Betting Now Available at DraftKings in Select States

If you’ve seen clips of professional slap fighting or even watched some of the events, you might have wondered if you could bet on the winner. If so, you’re in luck. Bettors can now place a wager on the SlapFIGHT Championship at DraftKings Sportsbook, and more niche sports are on the way.

The Pro League Network launched a network of professional sports leagues for sportsbooks to offer customers, including SlapFIGHT Championship, which is the first to hit the legal US sports betting apps. Next up is MiniGolf, which is approved in Colorado and Wyoming and will subsequently hit the sportsbooks in the near future.

“There are passionate fans out there of sports that don’t make it on ESPN,” said Pro League Network cofounders Co-Founders Mike Salvaris and Bill Yucatonis. “These audiences are significant, loyal, and, in many cases, already bet informally. We want to bring those fans, and their sports, to US betting operators and, at the same time, provide niche sports with a revenue stream that would allow them to sustain themselves.”

How to Bet on Slap Fighting at DraftKings

Last weekend, on Dec. 3, 2022, DraftKings Sportsbook listed odds for the SlapFIGHT Championship that included moneyline odds on the winner and an over/under on the number of rounds.

The most notable fight was between Neanderthal (-120) and The Hulk (-110) for the Super Heavyweight title, and bettors could wager on the winner and over/under 9.5 rounds. We don’t want to spoil the result for now, as the fight is currently available for purchase for those who want to see the replay.

The Middleweight, Light Heavyweight, and Middleweight bouts were also featured in the event, plus several non-featured matchups.

Bettors can follow the official SlapFIGHT Championship Twitter so they know when the next match is coming up.

More Niche Sports from Pro League Network

Beyond the SlapFIGHT Championship, Pro League Network is bringing a handful of other niche sports to online sportsbooks, starting with DraftKings. Bettors in Colorado and Wyoming will soon have access to odds on US Pro Mini Golf, and other upcoming options include World Strongman, Major League Paintball’s NXL ProSeries, and the CarJitsu Championship.

Here are the best sportsbooks in Colorado for bettors looking for free bets and other promotions.

When Will MiniGolf Betting Tee Off?

Betting on US Pro Mini Golf is around the corner, with a seven-event World Putting League series teeing off in February 2023. Bettors will have access to lines similar to PGA Tour betting, with the frontrunners boasting the shortest odds and the long-shot contenders offering the biggest win potential.

It remains to be seen if prop bets, parlays, and other types of wagers will apply to Pro League Network events. SlapFIGHT was strictly moneyline and totals, but MiniGolf may offer bets like holes-in-one, various over/under wagers, and beyond.

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