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Can Bally Casino’s Rhode Island Growth Overcome Disappointing Early Revenue Numbers?

June 4, 2024 | By: Chav Vasilev

Bally’s early revenue figures from its Rhode Island online casino monopoly are disappointing, yet 72% growth from March to April suggests that the situation might only be temporary. Bally Casino generated $2.1 million in gaming revenue for April, less than either the state’s official projections or the somewhat more pessimistic forecast supplied by Bonus Managing Editor Alex […]

Rhode Island Online Casino Saw $1.2 Million in Revenue in March, With ‘Momentum’ Hitting in April

April 22, 2024 | By: Heather Fletcher

Bally Casino generated $1.2 million in net gaming revenue in Rhode Island in March, the debut month for the state’s first and only online casino. Regulators revealed the first official revenue numbers to legislators and the general public on April 22 during a Permanent Joint Committee on State Lottery meeting. That number sets a slower […]

Change of Operator Creates a Night-and-Day Difference for Delaware Online Gambling Revenue

February 26, 2024 | By: Alex Weldon

The Delaware Lottery has reported its first online casino revenue numbers since relaunching with BetRivers, and it is immediately apparent that the market’s poor performance over the past decade was primarily related to its previous operator partner. In the first month since operations changed hands, the state’s iGaming revenue was nearly triple what it had been. Delaware first cracked $1 […]

2024 Indiana, New Hampshire Online Casino Bills May Take Paths Less Traveled

In 2024, Indiana and New Hampshire lawmakers say they’ll roll the dice again with online casino bills. However, the proposed legislation will take different routes to the table this time. They hope that’ll ensure the online casino bills represent winning bets if the measures become law. On July 14 at the National Council of Legislators from Gaming […]

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