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We’ve entered a golden era in social gaming, and sweepstakes casinos like Fortune Coins are cropping up everywhere. Fortune Coins Casino is one of the most recent newcomers to the social casino scene, offering exclusive slot titles created in-house and a proposed launch window of January 2022.

At the moment, Fortune Coins is in a closed beta. You can participate in the beta by visiting the website and spinning a graphic wheel for a chance at an entry ticket. If you don’t manage to get into the beta, or you simply want to know what to expect when this social casino launches, read on. This guide will break down everything you need to know about Fortune Coins Casino from start to finish.

Visit Fortune Coins Casino

  • Great variety of slots
  • Available in 49 US states
  • 100% deposit match as welcome bonus
  • Daily promotions for free Gold Coins

Fortune Coins Promo Codes And Bonuses June 2023

Fortune Coins Promo Codes And Bonuses June 2023

When you sign up at Fortune Coins, you can take advantage of an opening bonus in the form of a 100% initial Fortune Coin deposit match. Fortune Coins are the Sweeps Coins or premium currency used by Fortune Coins Casino.

Essentially, whatever Fortune Coins you’d get from your first gold coin purchase will be doubled by the casino.

On top of the sign-up bonus, Fortune Coins also provides an array of other incentives to improve your gaming experience. For example, logging in once per day will net you a daily bonus of 50,000 gold coins in addition to a single Fortune Coin. In this way, simply logging in for some sweepstakes action means you’ll always have plenty of coins to work with, even if you only ever make the occasional gold coin purchase.

However, keep in mind that Fortune Coins is a very new sweepstakes casino. Its opening bonus and promotions will likely evolve or even become better with time.

Fortune Coins Promo CodeComing Soon
Deposit Match100% initial Fortune Coin deposit match
States Available:All states except Washington and Idaho
Promo CodeJune 2023

Full Review Of Fortune Coins Casino

What Is Sweepstakes Gaming?

Sweepstakes gaming is a unique type of social casino gaming that carries many unique advantages and benefits for online gaming fans. It’s not the same as gambling with cash, which means it is legal in most US states – including those with strict laws on gambling activities that use real dollars and cents.

How Does Sweepstakes Gaming Work?

In a nutshell, sweepstakes gaming works through the use of digital currencies rather than cash.

All sweepstakes casinos like Fortune Coins use valueless gold coins as their gaming currencies. These gold coins can be received as part of promotions, opening bonuses, or purchased in gold coin packages.

Additionally, most sweepstakes casinos include sweeps coins or premium currencies. At Fortune Coins Casino, these are aptly-named Fortune Coins. Regardless, sweeps coin currencies can eventually be redeemed for cash prizes or used on special games.

How Do You Win Cash Prizes?

You technically never win cash prizes at sweepstakes casinos. Instead, you can build up sweeps coins through winning games, participating in promotions, and purchasing gold coin packages.

Once you build up enough sweeps coins, you can redeem those for cash prizes up to a certain value. For example, Fortune Coins Casino allows you to build up enough Fortune Coins to redeem those coins for $20 cash prizes and more depending on how many you receive.

You can never purchase sweeps coins directly, which would violate the laws that allow sweepstakes casinos to operate across the country. However, you can receive sweeps coins through mail-in promotions or as bonuses from purchasing packages of gold coins.

Where Can You Play From?

You can play social casinos from most US states except for Washington, which has some legislative restrictions. Most social casinos can also be enjoyed either from a desktop computer or from a mobile device like a phone or tablet.

Will People Who Like Other Online Casinos Like This Form Of Gaming?


Although sweepstakes casinos don’t let you wager real-world cash, they do provide excellent gaming entertainment and often include high-quality slot and table games with dazzling graphics, high return to player ratios, and opportunities to win big prizes.

Many sweepstakes casinos also include big jackpots, ongoing promotions, and so on. If you just like online gaming and don’t mind having to wager valueless gold coins, sweepstakes casinos could be right up your alley.

On top of that, luck still counts with sweepstakes casinos. With the right lucky streak, you could eventually redeem sweeps coins for cash prizes over time.

How Do Purchases Work At Fortune Coins Casino?

Like other sweepstakes casinos, Fortune Coins does not allow you to purchase its premium currency. Instead, you can receive its titular Fortune Coins from buying gold coin packages or from winning certain games that take Fortune Coins.

To ensure player security, Fortune Coins Casino uses a secure casino store portal, which includes SSL certification and other security protocols. You can use either a digital wallet like PayPal or Skrill or regular credit and debit cards to buy coins. Remember, you can only purchase packages of gold coins.

Package prices range from $4.99 up to $99.99, with coin packages ranging from 5000 gold coins all the way up to several hundred thousand gold coins depending on how much you want to purchase at once.

As you purchase gold coins, you’ll also receive a certain amount of Fortune Coins to go with your gold coin package.

What about cash prizes? Fortune Coins has a very basic sweeps coin system where you can redeem your Fortune Coins for cash prizes once you build up enough of them. Specifically, you need a minimum of 5000 to 10,000 FC to redeem them for a cash prize, and 100 Fortune Coins roughly approximates a $1 cash prize.

For example, you may be able to redeem 2000 FC for a $20 cash prize. That said, Fortune Coins is still in a closed beta, which means that exact prize redemption limits and amounts are still in flux. Thus, these amounts could change sometime in the near future; be sure to check this page later to see if the Fortune Coins prize ratio has shifted.

How Does Entry By Mail Work At Fortune Coins?

Although it has only recently started a beta, Fortune Coins already offers an entry-by-mail program (which places it ahead of several other competing sweepstakes casinos).

All you have to do is send a written request for free Fortune Coins sending a piece of paper with the following statement:

  • “I am requesting free Fortune Coins to participate in the promotion. By submitting this request, I hereby declare that I have read, understood, and agree to be bound by your terms & conditions and rules.”

Once you write this request, write a return mailing address on the front of an envelope and write “Fortune Coin” on the front. You’ll also need to write the following information on the other side of the paper in the envelope, including:

  • Your full name
  • The email address you used to register your Fortune Coins

At the time of this writing, Fortune Coins hasn’t explained which address you should send your entry by mail request to. This is likely due to Fortune Coins’s closed beta. Once the beta is over, the full address should be listed on the casino’s sweepstakes rules page, linked here.

When you send in your entry by mail request, you’ll receive a Fortune Coin reward depending on whether you watch a brief video or invite others to Fortune Coins using a personal link. You may receive a free bundle of Fortune Coins if several of your friends sign up for this social casino after your request is mailed in.

As you can see, this entry by mail program has the potential to be quite interesting and innovative rather than just sending in a request card and getting five free sweeps coins, as is the case with many other sweepstakes casinos.

Available Games At Fortune Coins Casino

Any new sweepstakes casino needs to nail their available games if they want to make a dent in this competitive market. Fortune Coins’s closed beta means that the exact title list is still in flux, but there are currently 35 games available for beta players to enjoy.

The majority of these, naturally, are slot titles. These include:

  • Long John Silver, a pirate-themed game
  • Lucky Clover, a game themed around clovers and playing card iconography
  • Super Nova, a space-age game with dazzling graphics and tons of free spins

On the plus side, these table games are created in-house, meaning you won’t find them anywhere else. Each sports great graphics, engaging gameplay systems, and opportunities for bonus prizes/payouts.

Table games are certainly the main draw for this social casino. But Fortune Coins does offer some table games, though only a few:

Unfortunately, this does mean that common table games like baccarat or roulette are not on Fortune Coins at the moment. There’s also no blackjack available on this social casino site.

That said, Fortune Coins might update its table game list before it fully opens to the public. Additionally, Fortune Coins does have Keno and Fish Games, both of which are specialty games you can’t find on many other sweepstakes casinos.

All in all, Fortune Coins’s games are decent if not the best, though the full game list is still being settled on. With luck, Fortune Coins will have a fantastic game catalog when it finally opens to the public. We also expect Fortune Coins to provide new game titles regularly after its public launch.

How To Register At Fortune Coins Casino

Opening a new account and registering at Fortune Coins is relatively straightforward. Here’s the step-by-step process:

  • Visit Fortune Coins’s website and spin the wheel in the middle of the screen to see if you receive a beta invitation
  • If you receive an invitation, you must choose a unique account name and password
  • The registration form will require a few account details, like your date of birth and address, to verify your identity
  • The name for your account must match the name found on any credit card or another form of payment you use to purchase gold coins from Fortune Coins
  • All users are only allowed to operate a single account. Furthermore, Fortune Coins reserves the right to deactivate your account if it is inactive for 60 days or more

All the registration can be handled within a couple of minutes from the comfort of your couch. 

Support At Fortune Coins Casino

Unfortunately, customer support isn’t one of Fortune Coins Casino’s strong suits. At the moment, you can only contact Fortune Coins using a dedicated contact form linked on the primary website. You have to provide your name, email address, and a written message for your customer service request to be submitted to their department.

As a result, there’s no access to live chat or phone support, and you can’t email Fortune Coins directly. So Fortune Coins’s customer support options are pretty limited for now. This might change sometime in the future, but we expect customer support to remain less of a priority for this budding social casino until they expand their game catalog. 

No. As a sweepstakes casino, Fortune Coins Casino only allows you to win its titular Fortune Coins, which are similar to sweeps coins found at other social casinos.

However, you can then redeem those Fortune Coins for cash prizes after you accumulate a certain amount of them.

18 or older, because you have to be able to purchase gold coins in order to play. 

No. Simply making an account with Fortune Coins will provide you with a free opening bonus, and logging into your account each day will also net you a daily bonus of up to 50,000 gold coins. You can then use those coins to enjoy this social casino without spending any money.

Fortune Coins primarily offers slot titles, though it also has a handful of table games available. 

Fortune Coins is currently available in 49 states with the exception of Washington State. It’s legal even if your state doesn’t allow online casino gambling since Fortune Coins does not require you to gamble real-world cash.

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