Jackpot Royale & What’s Next: Bonus Q&A with White Hat Studios’ Armen Tatarevic

Jackpot Royale hits its one-year milestone. The progressive jackpot slot network available to online casino players in the US extends to more than 30 games, including Deal or No Deal, The Goonies, and Peaky Blinders. The feature has so far paid out over $12.5 million to more than 700 players, prompting Bonus to sit down with Armen Tatarevic, White Hat Studios’ vice president of gaming, for an exclusive interview. We wanted to know what makes this progressive slot so popular, and what’s next for the innovative slots brand.

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Screenshot of Jackpot Royale at BetMGM Casino Michigan

Bonus Q&A With Armen Tatarevic

Bonus interviewed Armen Tatarevic about Jackpot Royale.

The questions from Bonus are in bold. His answers are below, verbatim.

Jackpot Royale has become a hugely popular feature in the US iGaming market. Can you tell us a bit more about how it works?

Jackpot Royale gives players the chance to win one of three progressive jackpots while playing their favorite slots. The jackpot system has three tiers: Maxi, Major, and the big Jackpot Royale. The Maxi pays out around $5,000 on average, the Major pays around $25,000, and the Jackpot Royale regularly pays out $175,000 or more. A small contribution from each bet goes towards funding these impressive prizes in a self-sufficient model.

The genius of Jackpot Royale is that it adds an extra layer of excitement to slots gameplay. At any moment during a spin, the Jackpot Royale wheel can appear and award one of the jackpots. This creates a thrilling sense of anticipation — players know they can instantly win big at any time.

What impact has Jackpot Royale had since its launch?

In just its first year live in the US, Jackpot Royale has already paid out over $12.5 million in prizes to more than 700 lucky players. It’s been a huge hit with players who love the thrill and excitement of potentially landing a life-changing jackpot. Online casino operators have also welcomed Jackpot Royale, as it drives acquisition, engagement, and retention without any jackpot management costs.

The impressive payout statistics really demonstrate how Jackpot Royale has captured players’ imaginations. But beyond the big headline numbers, it’s the excitement and entertainment value that players respond to. Jackpot Royale has brought a new level of interactive fun to slots, keeping players engaged for longer. For operators, this innovative feature has become a key differentiator that thrills customers and provides a new revenue stream without overhead.

How widely available is Jackpot Royale right now?

Jackpot Royale is available on over 30 popular slots from White Hat Studios and can be found on games like The Goonies, Ted, and Rick and Morty. We’ve partnered with major operators like BetMGM, DraftKings, and FanDuel to make Jackpot Royale widely accessible across the US. The feature is currently live in every regulated state we operate in, bringing thrilling jackpot action to players across America.

In just over a year, we’ve rapidly expanded the Jackpot Royale footprint to make the feature ubiquitous across the US. This required close collaboration with our operator partners to integrate Jackpot Royale into their lobbies and promote the feature. The hard work has paid off, with Jackpot Royale now a familiar sight that players actively seek out. And we are continuing to add more games and reach more states, bringing jackpot fever to even more American players.

What makes Jackpot Royale stand out from other jackpot offerings?

Jackpot Royale takes inspiration from Jackpot King, our proven jackpot product in Europe, and brings an enhanced version designed specifically for US players. The three-tier model, transparency around last win amounts, and real-time jackpot tickers showing the climbing values keep excitement high. Landing a Jackpot Royale truly is a momentous occasion for any player.

While mechanics like progressives are common, our innovative Jackpot Royale execution makes it distinctive. The tiered pots give more players a taste of jackpot glory, while transparency around payouts builds trust. And the headline-grabbing Jackpot Royale delivers life-changing sums that capture attention. Blending these elements creates a jackpot product with broad appeal that drives acquisition while keeping core players engaged.

Are there any plans to evolve Jackpot Royale going forward?

Absolutely! We are constantly looking for ways to innovate and enhance the player experience. We are currently exploring new additions that could potentially turbo-charge Jackpot Royale prizes in exciting ways.

While Jackpot Royale already delivers an electrifying experience, there is scope to take it to the next level. Our team is always thinking of ideas for the next evolution, and we will build on the strong Jackpot Royale foundations to set new standards for progressive jackpot entertainment.

What’s next for White Hat Studios in the US market?

Our goal is to continue leading the way with fresh experiences that excite and delight players. As the House of Brands, branded content is core to our strategy and we have some hugely exciting IPs still to launch stateside. We’ll keep innovating with features like Jackpot Royale and Win Spins while rolling out our proven hits across new states and operators. It’s a hugely exciting time and we’re just getting started!

The incredible success of products like Jackpot Royale has established White Hat Studios as a trailblazer in US gaming. But we’re hungry to achieve even more by doubling down on our proven formula. Our enviable portfolio of brands offers so many more iconic titles to bring to America. And we’ll enhance these with pioneering features and technology that keep raising the bar.

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