Mega Millions Tickets Available Online Ahead of $1.02 Billion Drawing

The bigger the Mega Millions jackpot becomes, the easier it is to imagine all the things one would buy with the money. Sure, the odds of winning the current $1.02 billion jackpot are lower than getting struck by lightning during a shark attack, but someone, somewhere will win. And not only could that someone be you, that somewhere could be on your couch.

In several US states, anyone 18 and up can buy Mega Millions tickets online via their mobile device. The tickets are purchased directly in the app, so you instantly receive a digital ticket that’s as valid as if you bought it in-person.

How to Buy Mega Millions Tickets Online

Three US states offer their own online lottery, where residents can create an account and purchase tickets, including Mega Millions. These include:

If you live outside of those states, you may have another option. The Jackpocket App is legally-licensed to sell Mega Millions tickets in the following states:

New signups at the Jackpocket app get $3 free, no deposit required. That’s enough for at least one free Mega Millions ticket, which costs $2 per play.

Mega Millions Online Lottery Only Available in Select States

Unfortunately, folks outside states that specifically allow online lottery play cannot purchase Mega Millions tickets via mobile device or computer. Thankfully, Mega Millions tickets are sold in 45 of 50 US states, plus Washington, D.C., and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Tickets are only sold at licensed retailers, but that’s usually hundreds of locations in every city in the state, from corner stores and gas stations to grocery stores and restaurants.

What Mega Millions Numbers Should You Play?

Statistically speaking, players have had a slightly better chance of winning the Mega Millions with the random numbers. Put another way, those who pick their numbers have won fewer times than those who had the computer select numbers for them. So, your best bet may be to use the Mega Millions Number Generator available on It’s a tool that makes it easy to get a bunch of random but different numbers to go for the jackpot.

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