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Highlights Of Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s Sports Betting Wish List

January 18, 2021 | By: Chris Gerlacher

Oregon launched its lottery-run sports betting app in October 2019, and it did not perform well. During all fiscal year 2020, the lottery app made $8.6 million in net revenue. That’s what Colorado sportsbooks made in October and November 2020 alone. Handing the Oregon Lottery a monopoly on sports betting has resulted in: Worse odds […]

Part II: Everything Doctors Want Bettors To Know About The Vaccine

January 16, 2021 | By: Chris Gerlacher

Anyone who misses gambling at casinos or betting at retail sportsbooks is in luck. More Americans are getting vaccinated each day. Each day brings us closer to going back to sports bars and betting in person. We could even get back to normal this summer. However, one factor could singlehandedly postpone normalcy by six months […]

Part I: What Doctors Know About Vaccine Rollouts And Casino Reopenings

January 15, 2021 | By: Chris Gerlacher

With vaccines on the way, it almost feels like the end of the pandemic is in sight. We’re all looking forward to casinos, bars, and restaurants reopening at full capacity and without masks. However, the vaccine rollout has been slow across the country. We’ll have to hit certain vaccination milestones for casinos to reopen. They […]

How Illegal Gambling Can Become Legal By Exploiting State Loopholes

December 30, 2020 | By: Chris Gerlacher

Although sports betting is flourishing across the United States, other forms of gambling are still frowned upon. This is particularly true for online casinos, which are only available legally in a handful of states. Despite this, some forms of illegal gambling have become legal through a variety of loopholes. Video gaming terminals (VGTs) have a […]

What Sets Mobile Sports Betting Apart From Convenience Gambling

December 22, 2020 | By: Chris Gerlacher

One of the biggest lessons states with legalized sports betting have learned is how critical online sports betting is. Many states see the vast majority of their total betting handle wagered online. Well over 95% of sports bets can come from phones, tablets, and computers. That’s a boon for states looking for increased tax revenue […]

What Biden or Trump Presidencies Could Mean For Sports Betting

November 2, 2020 | By: Chris Gerlacher

The 2020 US presidential election has been a massive revenue driver for sportsbooks and oddsmakers. Al Jazeera estimates $1 billion has already been wagered on the election’s outcome–double the 2016 election. Donald Trump and Joe Biden may be sportsbook fodder now, but their respective pasts give us some strong clues about their different visions for […]

What New Tennessee Bettors Need To Know About Sports Betting

November 1, 2020 | By: Chris Gerlacher

Sports betting launched in Tennessee on November 1. It overcame resistance from the Governor, but he’s allowing it to go forward without his signature. Sports betting will be new to many Tennessee residents. Here are some answers to basic questions newbies usually have at the beginning. Tennessee Sports Betting Quick Guide Sports betting will be […]

How COVID-19 Regulations in Pro Sports Evolved From Professional Bull Riding

October 23, 2020 | By: Chris Gerlacher

It’s easy to take coronavirus precautions for granted. Businesses from local gas stations to multi-national organizations have implemented coronavirus prevention procedures in recent months. But when sports first returned, commenters were skeptical about how sports could avoid coronavirus outbreaks. Sports leagues have come a long way in their coronavirus prevention measures. And it all started […]

How Barstool Sportsbook Dominated App Store Rankings In Its First Week

September 21, 2020 | By: Chris Gerlacher

Sports betting exploded after the Supreme Court legalized it in 2018. Newly unencumbered by federal law, states subsequently created multi-million dollar sports betting industries within months. Accordingly, sportsbook apps became fixtures near the top of the Apple App Store’s charts. Some of them even rose to the very top of the rankings. In late September, […]

How NBA Protests Could Affect Sportsbooks Throughout The Season

September 1, 2020 | By: Chris Gerlacher

Last week in Kenosha, Wis., Jacob Blake was tazed, then shot seven times in the back by police. He was unarmed and trying to get into his SUV with his three kids in the back seat before a police officer grabbed his shirt and shot him point-blank. His shooting inspired protests across the state. Two […]